Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to 7 days

Cancellations up to 7 days after booking: full refund of payment.

Cancellations after 7 days

In case of cancellations, after 7 days of reservation or early departure, the amount paid will not be refunded, but a letter of credit will be granted to be used later, except on holidays or high summer and subject to availability of places.

Letters of credit

For letters of credit to be granted, cancellations must be made 2 weeks in advance, in holiday packages, or 48 hours in advance, on normal days.

Validity of the letter of credit: 12 months.

Desistência Sem Cancelamento – “No Show”

Em caso de “no-show” (não comparecimento do hóspede no dia da reserva) será cobrado o valor integral do depósito efetuado.

Cancellations or non-acceptance of the Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or non-acceptance of the terms of “Conditions” described above should be made by e-mail: reserva@canema.com.br

Internal Rules


No animals of any size (small or large) are allowed.

Weapons / Illegal Materials

It is prohibited to carry or use weapons of any nature in the common areas of the Pousada, as well as illegal materials whose carrying or transportation is legally prohibited.

Cigarette / Pipe / Cigar

All the suites of the Pousada are non-smoking. Therefore, smoking is allowed only in the outside areas, and the remains should be disposed of in the ashtrays available throughout the inn. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a penalty, with a fine of R$ 50,00.


It is the duty of every guest to take care of the good coexistence, harmony and peace in the pousada. In cases of drunkenness, violent attitude, violation of modesty or other attitude contrary to good customs and social coexistence on the part of any Guest or his guest, the inn will take the appropriate measures, and may terminate the period of stay of the Guest in advance and request the support of the police force, if necessary.

Frigobar (in the rooms that have it)

Our minibar is supplied daily with water and beers.


Breakfast – 8am to 10pm. After that time, it will no longer be possible to have a meal.
CLEANING AND STORAGE OF THE ROOMS – the apartments are clean and tidy from 11am às 2pm. After that time, there will be no service.
CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT – check-in at 2pm and check-out at 11am. After this time, the value of R$ 50.00 will be charged for each fraction of minute up to one hour. Late check-out only upon request and availability.
According to the Normative Instruction of the Ministry of Tourism (EMBRATUR), it is mandatory to fill in the FRH (Guest Registration Form) as well as the presentation of a valid original document with a photo when entering/Check-In. If there are minors, a valid original document must be presented.
According to Articles 82 and 83 of the Statute of the Child and Adolescent, “it is forbidden to lodge children under 18 (eighteen) years of age in: hotel, motel, pension, or similar establishment, unless accompanied by parents or legal guardian”, proving documentally the kinship or condition, or even if accompanied by an adult person, with written authorization and notarized signature of the father, mother or legal guardian.


The internet is complimentary and can be accessed from any place of the inn (including room) with your personal computer through the password available at check-in. The Pousada is not responsible for any problems caused by the access provider (slowness, interruptions, falls, etc.).

Interruption of Hosting

The guest already installed in the pousada and who has hired a special package, may interrupt his stay at any time. However, the amounts to be paid must be paid at the time of departure.

Incense / Diffusers / Candles

The use of incense or any other type of environmental deodorizer is not allowed.

Lamps (110 w energy) / Fan

When leaving your room, check that the lamps and the fan are turned off.


It is not allowed to drag furniture (bed, headboard, bookshelf, sofa) or move it. The same goes for electronic devices (TV and Sky receiver) and refrigerator. Any problems with them, look for the reception.

Daily and Package Payments

Payments must be made at the time of Check-In, only in cash, debit or credit card, we do not accept checks and we do not pay in installments.
Children should sleep in disposable diapers to avoid damage to mattresses, bedding and bathing in the apartments.

Toilet Paper

We ask you not to throw toilet paper in the toilet as well as other objects.

Rose Petals

It is not allowed to decorate the room with rose petals, or throw on the bed. They leave stains that are irreversible. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a fine, according to the value charged by the laundry for the removal of the stain or even the value of the damaged item, in case of total loss.

Noise Pollution

It is not allowed to use sound devices on the premises of the Pousada, as well as singing or playing batucadas. We also ask for attention to the sounds produced in the balcony, garden or parking lot, i.e. places close to the rooms. It is the duty of every guest to take care of the good coexistence, harmony and tranquility in the pousada, avoiding the use of sound devices in volume that disturbs the other guests, especially between 10 hours and 22 hours.
In respect to the neighbor Guest, we ask attention to the volume of the TV sets, between 22h and 10h.

Breakage and Damage

Any object that is damaged by the Guest will be taxed at the value assigned to the inn.
The compensation resulting from the loss of the keys of the apartment will be made by the guest of the Pousada, on the occasion of the closure of your account.
VALUE TO BE COBRED: R$ 30,00 (thirty reais)

Reservation Termination

The pousada reserves the right to cancel in advance the reservation of the Guest who seriously disrespects any rule of this regulation. It is considered as serious fault: Guest under the effects of any illicit substances (drugs) and or drunk in a way that can cause any kind of turmoil, as well as physically assault any person within the limits of the inn.

Bed and Bath Clothes

For ecological reasons, our bed linen is changed every 3 days. Towels are dried daily and changed every 2 days. However, if the Guest wants to change them daily, just notify the management and will be charged an additional $ 15.00 per item. In case of stains (wine, hair dye, makeup, etc.), the laundry expenses will be charged. Attention to towelled floors, which should only be used to dry the feet after bathing. Avoid stepping on it with your shoes or using it as a cleaning cloth. In case of need, ask us for floor cloths.
Children should sleep in disposable diapers to avoid damage to mattresses, bedding and bathing in the apartments.

Drying of Personal Clothes

It is not allowed to spread wet clothes on the balcony of the inn. In this case, ask us to use the dryer.


It is expressly forbidden to leave the pousada with white towels. If this happens, and it is damaged or lost, the value of the towel will be charged.

Wine in the Apartment

The Guest is responsible for damage (stains) on bed linen, towels, curtains. In the event of an accident, the guest will be charged the cost of the laundry.
The belongings of the guests lost or forgotten in the Pousada will be kept for the maximum period of 03 months, being the Pousada free to give the destination that it finds convenient after this period.